Internet Property Development.

We specialize in developing full featured social networking websites.

What we do

No job is too big!

We have the server power and knowledge to provide solutions for high volume websites.

What we do

No job is too small!

We cultivate small clients into big ones and invest in your success.

What we do

“We have our feet firmly planted in corporate reality and our roots in art & culture.”

Web Design & DevelopmentWe create more than just websites. We create Internet Properties.

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Logo Design Branding & Identity

UI Design User Interface Engineering

Who is MedleyMedia?Meet our Creative Director.

Toronto Creative Director Matt Medley

The Name

Hi I'm Matt Medley and I'm the Creative Director of MedleyMedia. I've been involved in Toronto's art scene for 17 years as everything you can imagine. From a photography, to illustration, animation, music production, event organization, web development, graphic design, app design... you name it. My resume is as long as Yonge Street. I have worked for the worlds biggest companies, tech giants, and tiniest boutique agencies. My philosophy is simple, if you want to be a creative director or an art director, you have to know how to do all the mediums you're overseeing to oversee them properly.

I started MedleyMedia in 2005 after working for MSN. Businesses were always coming to me looking for creative solutions and artists were always looking to me for employment. With my network of artists and technicians I am able to pair specialists for each and every contract making sure the client always gets the attention to detail they deserve.

When you work with MedleyMedia you're not working with people who are stuck behind a desk, tired from getting to work on-time, pushing around papers, and racking up billable hours. You're working with artists who's passion for what they do sets them in a different league.


Our Specialty

We specialize in building web properties. What's a web property and how is it different than a regular website you ask? A web property is more than your usual website. Think more along the lines of Facebook, Amazon, Yelp and Reddit. Yep. We build sites like those, where users and businesses can create custom profiles, upload content and interact other with user generated content.


Our Team

Our team consists of the most passionate Developers, User Experience Experts, Art Directors, Designers, Copywriters and Designers. We handpick specialists for every project that we undertake.


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